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Originally Posted by TFIIB View Post
Now your really pissing me off. I do recolor the outlines. I have't found the time to do any scratches. I do tak time to shade my revamp, exception with Karen's hair which I could not make work. And lastly, the only sprite that I used pure black on is the Clair recolor and the MissingNo. revamp becuz that's how they colored in g/s/c and I couldn't find the right color so I used the color just below black. Spriting expert my ass.

End, Zack
No, you don't recolour the outlines. recolouring doesn't just mean to replace one solid color with another, you also have to add colors as well. if one sprite's hair is black and you recolour it green, you also have to recolour the dark black outline with a darker shade of green. Your shading still needs work. You understand lighting, but you don't understand perspective and the Pokemon style (shading is really hard to explain, like I said, observe Pokemon sprites). And even if you don't use pure black, the black shades are still too dark. Check Houndoom and shiny charizard for instance.

I used pure black on is the Clair recolor and the MissingNo. revamp becuz that's how they colored in g/s/c
If you say to take the time to recolour them, then you also must know that you have to forget the idea of how they colored it and recolor within the black.

Example of what I mean. Compare them.

btw, I rushed on these so they don't look as good, but gives you an idea of what i mean. Also, I have no idea what Clair wears, so don't say anything about her clothing.

Spriting expert my ass.
If you don't appreciate criticism, then don't post your sprites. You cannot possibly expect praise everytime you post artwork. A real artist takes the advice and try to improve.

Also, you have no right to post if you don't follow rules. Fusions are not allowed to be posted here.