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@Abnegation: I'm actually pretty optimistic about having enough things to do, this is the second time around attempting this hack for me and before I was sceptical like you.
Now however It's all going a lot smoother, I have plenty of side stories.

Here's a few just so you can get an idea of what they'll be like:
  • Gaby and TY (TV partner team from R/S/E) commission you to take pictures for them.
  • A puzzle house similar to the ones in R/S/E, Pokemon are inside but you have to find them in their hiding places.
  • At some point you have to go through a forest full of feral Ursaring so you have to find a trainer to escort you through. Once in there take pictures of sleeping Ursaring, or wake them up. (harder to catch once you do)
  • A Jigglypuff puts people to sleep and draws on their faces. You take pictures of the people with marker on their face.
  • Some old guy wants to relive his picture-taking past so he tells you to go out and take pictures for him and you return it for a great reward.
  • Moo Moo Farm petting zoo, fully equipped with Miltank, Tauros, Torchic, Swinub, Mareep, Ponyta, and assorted farm animals to take pictures of;
    Some will be running around franticly, you need to buy Pokemon feed and put it in their trough to calm them down to get a picture.
  • Some fisherman guy wants to see a shiny magikarp that he lost when his line broke. You have to look for it and take a picture of it. When you show the guy the picture he gives you a reward.

As for the battle system I'm going to have to make a video to explain it, and will do so once there's enough to show.

@Sublime: The way the safari script works means that you don't get to choose the ball you throw unfortunately, so there would be no actual choice as to what film to use.

The way it's going to work now is you will have to buy various upgrades for your camera to improve the likelihood that the photo will come out all right.

These might be such things as new lenses, a flash, ASR technology etc.

Once you have bought one of these upgrades it will swap the ball you're using for a different one, giving the impression your camera is better.

This is going to require some ASM though, as safari mode doesn't actually use pokeballs like normal battles would.
It doesn't use up any items, it has it it's own count of 30 safari balls which have no physical presence in your bag.


It'll work in the same way that using the fishing rod does, except that you'll be able to move around as opposed to when holding the rod.
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