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    Well, more updates to the plot (and more spoilers as well) This time, a little background info for the evil teams in the game, team Vita and team Necro:

    Spoilers ahead...


    Evil Teams' story:

    Team Vita: Team Vita began as an organization dedicated to rare Pokemon traffic, stealing and reselling rare Pokemons from the vast region. But, because of their lack of an effective leadership, the team soon broke up. Even though, a man later reunited the team and became it's leader.

    Team Necro: Team Necro was formed as a response to team Vita. They were rival organizations, which competed for almost everything, and because of this constant competition, most of their jobs became screwed up. This affected both teams, especially Team Vita, which lost enormous amounts of money, but still was the most powerful one. The competition ended when the leader of Team Vita seized control of Team Necro and made it "an extention of the greatest evil organization in the whole world". How did Team Vita managed to annex Team Necro...? It's still a mystery, even for the team members.

    Nowadays, the two organizations have the complete control of Sihma's criminal world. The two teams are directed by an unpredictable yet cold and meticulous character known only as Clement.

    Clement's previous story is unknown, probably arrived at Sihma as an immigrant and saw a huge opportunity on the criminal world which was hosted in the Sihma region. He managed to take control of Team Vita first, and then seized Team Necro. The methods he used are still a mystery. Nowadays, he makes millions of dollars every year from any kind of illegal activity which may exist, as he "gets bored of monotony very easily" and "never likes to do the same stuff more than once, unless necessary".

    Clement is a master of the Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon, having as his favorite Pokemon Mismagius, Umbreon, Adamasword (the only non Dark or Ghost-type Pokemon in his team), Kingrazz and Candela.

    Unlike most of the games, neither Team Vita nor Team Necro knows about the region's legend from the start, mostly because Clement doesn't. Even though, as soon as Clement gets to know the legend of the region, he changes all the Teams' activities to pursue the newly created plan: obtain the power from the legendaries to rule the world...
    Well, this is the summarized story of the Teams... This Teams, as random as they are, are sure to be very passionate and eager to their doings. They are harsh and always seek to get the work done, so there's no "I'll go to do some things first, then this", 'cause they never wait too long.

    Every mission in which you compete against them is a time issue. You are given a certain amount of time, after which they execute their doing and blow the place. If you delay too long, you will not be able to return to that place until the world becomes restored (explained later...)

    The clock only runs outside of battle and when not interacting with anything. If you happen to fail, you'll be defeated and will be taken to the last healing spot, without money and some random items (Key Items are never lost, that's for sure) The more items you've got, the more you loose, so it's better for the player to try to get the things done...

    Read ya later...