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Originally Posted by alo123 View Post

It is spelled Cresselia

The man does not say anything

You can walk through the door but you cant go in

They both walk through the light post

You walk through those rocks

Both signs say nothing

I don't think that is supposed to be like that

You can walk on both of those tree stumps

All the light post in this city can be walked on

The words overlap there

Bugs I found
Ok I have finished the hack and I have to say it was great I like the poses for the
D/P pokemon the were great. Great job and looking forward to the next beta
Also to all the people who have trouble with the UPS patcher maker sure the files
you are patching are in the same folder as the UPS patcher thats how I got it to work
Thanks so much. I fixed all bugs you found except the Cresselia Sprite (I know someone will have this bug like you, a problem with pal and showpokepic script, I'll try to fix it in the future.)
Here is the new link (I change also some palettes of grass, tree...)

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