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    well, to be honest TFIIB, he is right.

    You should never make a whole outline using black, or else the shading doesn't really work with it. I take this for instance:

    You clearly have black outlines at the top. look closer.

    You say you revamp G/S/C sprites, but that doesn't mean you keep the same shading in places. even though in G/S/C they have black outline around it, your revamping to D/P or FR/LG standard, so you want the shading to be much like the shading of FR/LG or D/P standards. so black outlines all aroudn is a big no no. So you want darker shades of the base colour around the top and in other places. I'm no expert, but that's how they should look.

    Also, don't have a go at somebody who is trying to help with making your sprites better. As FT said, don't expect tons and tons of praise for your sprites, instead, expect critisism and try to improve on your sprites. Then, you get the praise, much like FT does. So there. Take into account what people say about your sprites, and that'll give you room to improve.

    Also, he is right about fusions. they should go in the Fusions sticky.