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Originally Posted by Haz View Post
Ok then, I understand better now. Sort of.

EDIT: Got it indexed correctly but it says: "Sprite to big aborting" or something like that. How do I make it smaller?
I'm replacing Charmander with this: if it helps.
I included that in this tutorial if the new sprite's too big.
I also added a video tutorial.
you should follow instructions though. :\

Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
Hey DJG, I think you should put that offsets that only end with 0,4,8 and C (basically any offset that is a multiple of 4 in decimal) should be used when repointing since anything else will crash the ROM when the image should be displayed.

I believe this is what is causing problems for people
Is that so? I should try and see that for myself then. :\
Thanks for the info, though~

Originally Posted by MC Blaze View Post
Finaly, a tutorial that actualy make sense (at least to me). You should keep doing tuts about stuff you know, since this one turned out very good, also, I could use some advice.

Originally Posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL View Post
When you insert the sprite, if it is too big, you need to give it an offset. (like 0x850000 )
Then click the "Automatically fix pointers" button.(Note, after you do this it is kinda hard to reverse, so be sure to make a backup of your game.)
It's simple to reverse the sprite you newly inserted if they're too big.
simply delete the [hackname].spr. then open your ROM with a hex editor and go to the offset you used for your new sprite, and erase all the consumed data the sprite used.
but yeah, back-ups are really handy, too.

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