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    Another way to do this is to convert between hex and binary. Look at the pattern:

    $01 = %00000001 1HP
    $02 = %00000010 2HP
    $03 = %00000011 3HP
    $04 = %00000100 1Atk
    $05 = %00000101 1Atk, 1HP
    $06 = %00000110 1Atk, 2HP

    See the pattern? HP uses the rightmost two bits, Attack uses the next two, and so on.

    Byte 1 ......XX HP
    Byte 1 ....XX.. Attack
    Byte 1 ..XX.... Defense
    Byte 1 XX...... Speed
    Byte 2 ......XX Special Attack
    Byte 2 ....XX.. Special Defense

    So if we want EVs of 1 HP, 2 Atk, 3 Def, 3 Spd, 2 Sp.Atk, and 1 Sp.Def:
    1 in binary is 01
    2 in binary is 10
    3 in binary is 11

    Therefore, our bytes would be 11111001 00000110, or F9 06. Compare it with the list—those bytes do indeed give the number of EVs we want.
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