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Originally Posted by Counterfeit View Post
  • Gaby and TY (TV partner team from R/S/E) commission you to take pictures for them.
  • A puzzle house similar to the ones in R/S/E, Pokemon are inside but you have to find them in their hiding places.
  • At some point you have to go through a forest full of feral Ursaring so you have to find a trainer to escort you through. Once in there take pictures of sleeping Ursaring, or wake them up. (harder to catch once you do)
  • A Jigglypuff puts people to sleep and draws on their faces. You take pictures of the people with marker on their face.
  • Some old guy wants to relive his picture-taking past so he tells you to go out and take pictures for him and you return it for a great reward.
  • Moo Moo Farm petting zoo, fully equipped with Miltank, Tauros, Torchic, Swinub, Mareep, Ponyta, and assorted farm animals to take pictures of;
    Some will be running around franticly, you need to buy Pokemon feed and put it in their trough to calm them down to get a picture.
  • Some fisherman guy wants to see a shiny magikarp that he lost when his line broke. You have to look for it and take a picture of it. When you show the guy the picture he gives you a reward.
Hehe I see you liked my ideas
But, I also see taking pictures of Rhyhorns eating grass is not on this list >: (

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