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    Originally Posted by FireTears View Post
    I apologize about the Clair sprite, I thought at first you intended on doing a revamp of her (I don't play the old games nor do I look at the sprites much). And I thought you said you don't have the time to scratch sprites?

    But that is what a recolour is. You change the colors of a sprite to a new color and replace the shades.

    And those 3 sprites were only examples of what I mean, there were others that the rules applied to as well. I don't intend to totally redo all your sprites you know.
    Oh, srry then. Well I learned that you don't replace the shades. I guess everyone haz a different way of doing things. What do you mean?? I didn't do a scratch sprite, if your reffering to the reocket then that's a g/s/c sprite.
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