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Originally Posted by PyroDX View Post
Just downloaded and gave the demo a run.

I like it, but there are some things I would consider changing. At times what you have to do is vague and unclear, and you have some grammar errors. But this is a start. Your mapping needs a few adjustments, mostly on the interiors actually. Long stretched hallways aren't really necessary.
Thank you for the feedback. We're only two people and we started less than two months ago, so we're still having a lot of trouble putting things together. Hopefully, the next releases will be big improvements.

Originally Posted by [F I L Ocakes] View Post
I like the idea of this, but these graphics wouldn't really feel like a pokemon game to me. I would play it if you had pokemon-like graphics though, but I'm quite picky.
Well, if you're one of those people who think that even the slightest deviation from the norm (like a change of style for the map graphics) is automatically bad and undesirable regardless of how it is used, then I don't think I want your support.