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    Originally Posted by Ruka Prince View Post
    Yes, it works, but I don't know how... You can play this in VBA if it doesn't work on your PSP. Anyhow... I have more Grammar Mistakes to report.
    Pic 1: It should be: I'm the toughest here. Of course, Martin is tougher.
    Pic 2: It should be: Hi, I'm Martin. Let's battle right now.
    Pic 3: It should be: Hi! I don't like studying in Pokemon School.
    Thanks a lot. They will be fixed in next version.
    If you need a pokemon sprite inserter just ask me
    Thanks, but i don't need now.

    Favorite Pokemon Game: GBA-Emerald, DS-Platinum, Dungeon-Red/Blue, Ranger - Guardian Signs
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