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Originally Posted by Ray Marverick View Post
Ah, that could make it more intersting, good luck with this..
Originally Posted by LostPikachuu View Post
Cool idea, hope this hack will go far c:
Originally Posted by <~F.M.P~> View Post
Well, screens would be great but even so. Good luck on this can't wait to see how it pulls off.
Originally Posted by Synyster_Lili View Post
looks alright, from what i read, keep it up

Originally Posted by Samike360 View Post
Sounds cool

If you need help with scripting, I'll see what I can do.
I don't need any help with scripting, but that's anyways. xD
Originally Posted by con-11 View Post
oh that was my idea! oh well mine isnt exactly like a stadium remake
Yeah, I noticed your thread a few days ago. lol.

Originally Posted by Smitty96 View Post
Awesome, I loved Stadium! :D Mostly the GameBoy Tower and Mini Games, but I've been playing it recently and actually played the Gym Leader's Castle. I wish there was a stadium-style 3D Pokemon game for DS. That would be amazing. Ah well, I'm sure this'll be almost just as fun. Good luck!
Thanks, and an official make on a handheld obviously would be better, but I'll try to make up for it. For now, the Gameboy Tower is just going to have the features of a Center, and yes, I'm still keeping trading and what not in. The Kids' Club is just going to have the Minigames from FRLG/Mossdeep for the time being.

Anyways, hopefully I'll be putting up screenshots soon.