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Team name: Wish Maker Productions

Team Leader: Jirachification (James)

Current Members: Jirachification

Current Game title: Pokémon Hawthorn Version

Current progress made:

  • First town complete
  • Rest in planning stage

Position(s) needed:
  • 1 Mapper (Open)
  • 1 Overworld Spriter (Open)
  • 1 Trainer Spriter (Open)
  • 1 Musician (Open)
  • As many idealists as we can get (Always open)

Timezone: Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8)

Preferred Method of contact: PM

Additional info: Please PM me if you are interested in joining the team!
Wish Maker Productions
Current Project:

Pokémon Hawthorn Version
Check it out!

Training Pokémon is a piece of cake.
You'll be dazzled by the moves that my Pokémon make.
Ya never know what's comin' out of this Pokéball.
Yeah I'll show you what it takes if you wanna catch 'em all!

^Part of my Pokémon rap XD^