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Thunder Arena V.1: May 29th 2009 - August 10th 2009 = 919 Posts
Thunder Arena V.2: August 10th 2009 - Current

Past Affiliates:
As Dark As Night V.1
As Dark As Night V.2
Rescue Team Academy V.1
Rescue Team Academy V.2
Dino Land
The Frozen Wasteland

Current Affiliates:
The Digimon Club

Coming Affiliates:
Rescue Team Academy V.3

This club is for everyone and everyone who loves Electric Pokemon. So come on and Join today!!!
The 1st Club lost activity so we'll bring it back again!

1) You can have one Electric Pokemon as your Partner. - Feel free to Nickname your new partner
2) Follow the PC rules.
3) No flaming, trolling, spamming, or any kind of abuse.
4) Only Cooltrainers and above Ranks can post Topics and Side Topics
When you join you'll start as a School Kid and work your way up.
5) Every week there will be a new Password so that we know your still active
6) Customizing your Partner is allowed, many members do it to recognized there partners with others.
7. Most of all! Keep active! don't just sign up and leave!

The Points/Ranks in this Club were my Idea which I started using in the Digimon Club of the Pokecommunity Forums, anyone else using this idea must ask for my permission before using

Being active: 20 points per post
Bring in a new member: 40 Member you bring in must mention your name)
Have a link to this club: 20 (On your sig)
Having the Link spotted by someone: 20 (Name must mentioned)
Draw good quality fan art: 40(must meet owner/co-owner's approval)
Make a banner for the club: 40 (must meet owner/co-owner's approval)
If inactive for a month: Automatically go down to the previous rank (unless you notify staff beforehand of your absence)

Full Electric Types

Half Electric Types

Secondary Electric Types


Zappyspiker Zparky
(Part Time Owner) Zappy_FlashLeon

Come Clarity
Dream's Epilogue

♣Gawain♣ Shocker

Highest Ranked, Always checking on the club

Second Highest Ranked, Always Active
Halcyon Chowy - 940 Points
gigapoodle Fext 680 Points
Sgt Shock Sgt Volt - 580 Points
Jazmine Marie Jolt - 560 Points

Getting to Always being Active
Ambellina Chu-Chu - 360 Points
Wandering Lucario Rice cakes - 320 Points
Bikki-Chan Lite Brite - 320 Points
pikakip Shierk - 240 Ponts
Spinosaurus Light Fish - 220 Points
The Girl from the WellSpike - 220Points
Neo-Щolf Zap - 180 Points
Goldenrod-city Sparky - 180 Points
Clover Cat Simba - 140 Points
Pave Low -Lightning 140 Points
wolf in the rain- 120 Points
altaria221 - 120 Points
Galactic Gal - 120 Points
Vania Rocket - 120 Points
Visulization Baolt - 120 Points
Starlight777 Sparky - 100 Points
Code Elly - 100 Points
Morrison Mines - 100 Points
AmoreManec - 100 Points
Stoney The TogekissWario- 100 points

Newbies of the club
ArazzaSparks- 80 Points

Raichu1988 Tokkan- 80 Points
Fire Wolf- 80 Points
NotchedEarPichu - 80 Points
Galukxy Spark - 60Points
The Opera Ghost Flash - 60 Points
Chaostorm Chados - 60 Points
Arceus3440 Volt- 40 Points
Graceful Lita - 40 Points
Spark! Sparky - 40 Points
JeTzMaGneTz0n3- 40 points
Tyknight3 Rotom-H 40 points
Get Out Of My Bath,Poliwag Lawnmow - 20 Points
AquerexVolt - 20 Points
Awesome.- 20 Points
DestinyFate - 20 Points
Blue Mew - 20 Points
Sotto Voce - 20 Points
Patch. Trix - 20 Points
Sanjeev7Pachy - 20 Points
Vulpix - 20 Points
Melvern Jolty - 20 Points
Sophisticated Amplification - 20 Points
Darkpokeball Electrispark- 20 Points

Those who haven't placed the password in there sign up

Gender: Are you a boy or a girl
Active: How active you will be
Partner: Your Partner electric Pokemon
Partner's Nickname: If you want, your partner's Nickname
Why: Why do you want to join

Updates! Keep checking - New Members Read Before joining - It may be important to you too!

Note: When Registering don't forget the password or your sign up will be rejected

Password: Spark

Social Group

V.1 Banner - V.2 Coming soon