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    Originally Posted by delongbi View Post
    I think Sabrina overreacted just a bit, lol. I almost started yelling at my computer when I Will was considering not telling Sabrina. That would have been very pooh-headed.
    XD I noticed that, too, that's why I changed it in the end (originally, Will wasn't going to tell her and it wasn't suposed to be revealed to Sabrina that Cynthia's psychic too until the next part.)
    Originally Posted by delongbi View Post
    Whoa. Cynthia, feeling regret? Where did that come from?
    =3 Well, my Cynthia unlike CPF's still has some human features.
    Originally Posted by delongbi View Post
    Something that kinda bothered me was Sabrina's very different reactions to bad situations. She pretty much explodes when she thinks she will be blamed for losing Espeon, when it seems incredibly unlikely for others to even blame her. Then she takes Will's explanation of Cynthia relatively well.
    Hm, I can see your point. Though I think if Sabrina hadn't taken Will's news that easily, she would have broken down completely, and now that wouldn't have been good at all for my fic. >>
    And is it really that unlikely to get blamed? She's a psychic, a gym leader, and she couldn't stop a Pokemon hunter who didn't have any Pokemon with her (and who, besides Sabrina herself and Cynthia knows that Hunter J has a device that can block psychic powers? =3 Nobody, that is.)
    Originally Posted by delongbi View Post
    Other than that, decent chapter. Keep up the writing! :)
    ^^ Thanks. My beta already has the next chapter, so should be up sometime this century....
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