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    Originally Posted by SkinnyGreenMan
    lol. 2nd time now.
    You mean that? I had noticed you were veiwing this thred twice before, and then posted it. At each I was hoping someone else would begin posting here...

    EDIT: As for cinnibar, try this:
    -Enter the building

    -Walk stright up, the go upstairs

    -go down, flip the swich

    -go all the way right, then up, the left, go up the stairs

    -flip the swich

    -go down, jump off the ledge (I think it's the wider ledge you should jump)

    -go left, down (battle scientist), right, up

    -go down the stairs

    -go left, up, left, down

    -flip the switch

    -go out of the little room, up, right, down, right, and all the way up.

    -flip the switch

    -follow the path all the way down to get the secret key

    -use Dig or Escape rope (you can get out without them)

    try that.

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