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Originally Posted by Rocket Girl <3 View Post
Gender: Girl
Active: very!
Partner: Minun
Partner's Nickname: none
Why: Electric pokemon are really cool!
Shoddy or Wi-Fi:none

I wish I could Discharge like Minun
Sign Up Accepted

Originally Posted by dream's-epilogue View Post
You want I should re-post my signup?

Dream's Epilogue
As often as I can be
You know very well already...
Member of the last TA, and other, obvious reasons.
Neither, for now.

Sign Up Accepted - Your name was on the list anyway lol

Originally Posted by altaria221 View Post
Gender: boy
Active: moderately active, darn school just started

Partner: Lanturn
Why: I was a member of the last TA and once again electric types are beast
Shoddy or Wi-Fi: both

Sign Up Accepted

Originally Posted by Bikki-Chan View Post
Gender: Girl
Active: As active as possible
Partner: Luxray if possible, if not Luxio is fine
Partner's Nickname: Lite Brite
Why: To support my favorite electric pokemon!
Shoddy or Wi-Fi: Shoddy!
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