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    Pokemon EBONY and Ivory!
    Taking place in the POE region, our hero finds himself in a mess between Team Volcan and the world. Team Volcan is destroying select locations of the world and causing terror for who knows what reason...

    I am using a custom tileset because I hate that firered/leafgreen/emerald one it's over used.

    Region Map:



    All Maps(Image heavy)

    Extended Info:
    I WANT the game to be as closely related to pokemon possible, I hate those games that have time travel and guns, or the player talks, it doesn't seem natural to me! So I set out to fix that problem and make a game, this game's goal is to be as close to pokemon possible, and be finished! I want to finish this so that maybe it will inspire others to finish THEIR games, because I have not seen a finished pokemon fangame that is not a spin-off game! I will be having events in the game that are activated by files on the internet, these events will give out RARE legendary's for your collection. I want to do an online trade server but it isn't going to be on a server I pay for, it will be on my home computer and it will not be on 24/7 though anyone that wants to host their own server for the game can just let me know and I will contact them about them getting their server up!

    Plot Information:
    So the player starts out hearing from his/her mom that the professor wants you. When you get there he tells you he wants you to get his package from the next town over. When you come back he sees how much you bonded with your pokemon so much so he decides it's time you go and earn your badges. Quickly disaster strikes as Team Volcan is destroying things, they are wrecking pokemon cave, and other areas, for what reason the player must find out...
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