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    Well Well, My TURN =3

    Team Name: EXPGamingNET

    Team Leader: Saidai No Soba-Ya (Red Gyrados)

    Current Members:
    • BlazingLink (co-created , idealist)
    • Rhevarhe_Duh (tile artist)
    Part time
    • Esmas (spriter)
    Current Game: Pokémon Ammolite (New thread in progress)

    Current Progress: 2nd Town

    Positions Needed (Please show example work)
    • Scratch Pokémon Spriter (Fakemon and Pokémon)
    • Trainer spriter (scratch sprites only plz)
    • Musician/sound effects (background music, Pokémon cries, etc.)
    Timezone: +10:00 (Sydney)

    Method of Contact: MSN - if not PMs are fine.

    Additional Info
    • Like many people I want professional people with lots of experience. (but sometimes its not the case)
    Still Red Gyrados

    Pokémon Ammolite

    Might return, don't take my word on it.