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    Originally Posted by Silvercredsinapinch View Post
    Oh... OK, just asking. I hope this works out well. I mean, it's the best thread about Pokemon RPGs I can think of. Most others have violence.-SKANA-
    (thats my cell phone sig)
    Hehe, that's funny because you just happen to be POKEZUKOFIRE from HiatuWiki, who's stalking my messages and telling others about it. Don't try and cover it up, I know it's you. Best you quit it now before I ban your IP from HiatuWiki or something. It's harassment, pretty much. You DON'T stalk peoples messages, have a problem about it and tell SOMEONE ELSE about it.
    And I've already talked to your friend about this. Just QUIT IT.
    Really, I'm in no mood right now for you to be annoying me.

    And as random as this is to everyone else who doesn't know what I'm talking about, it has nothing to do with you.
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