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Originally Posted by pressedlee View Post
I did a search of this, and I could not find the answer to my question. I do hope I am not repeating something by accident.

When using Advance Map's Free-Space Finder, how do I know how many bytes to save for my script?
Using Advance Map's Free-Space Finder? I don't believe I've heard of such a thing.. I'm pretty sure you're thinking of HackMew's FSF? In any case, you can find how many bytes each command takes in a script by using XSE's built-in command help; pressing F1 will get you there.

Originally Posted by DiSCIclaimer View Post
Ahmmm ... .does any one know how to find the palletes of stuff?.... things.... like lets say the background of the first scene of pokemon ruby? Or the background of the battle scenes.... and soo on?
Open up VBA's palette viewer while the screen is where you want it (i.e. if you want to know the palettes of the title screen's background, open the palette viewer while you are on the title screen). Now, here's where a little guesswork comes in; try and identify which palette you want. For example, on the FireRed title screen, say I want to find the palette offset of the Charizard. If you notice, it has tons of red shades, which makes finding the palette in the viewer quite simple (it's the third one from the bottom).

Clicking on each color, you should see that there are several values at the bottom: Address, R, G, B, and Value. To search for (and edit) this palette with APE, the only thing we should care about is Value. Now, open your ROM in APE. The next step is to search for the values; they should be numbers like 0x76C3. Flip the bytes: meaning, break it in half (76 C3) and then flip the two pairs of numbers (C3 76) and then put them back together (C376). This is the first color that you should search for; if you did it right, APE should show you the first color of your palette. Continue doing this a couple of times (I usually do the first four or five colors.) After that, press Search to find your palette. The rest is just using APE to edit the palette. :D

If you have any further questions don't be afraid to ask me.