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Originally Posted by Vernikova View Post
I didn't think that people would notice on Serebii. I like made so many different profiles since 2004 on that site that I thought people would lose track. You're a pretty good stalker it seems.
Heh, don't worry, I wasn't specifically looking for you. I don't go on there often, and you just happened to have posted in one of the threads I was interested in and I recognised the avatar as the same one you were using here at the time, and the location, and I think your sig, were the same. Then I saw the profile was closed, so I gathered it was you XD
It was always there but were too blind to notice.
"S. Guy" is far better than "S. Girl". I thought you people were just poking fun since I thought you people knew me. Also, Charaxes made it up and he's too awesome to reject. You people don't know anything 'bout me.
We know that you are a lovely young man lady :D

Charaxes needs to come back to do the episode threads, everyone else's threads are *epic fail* in comparison. Including mine. Charaxes makes everyone look bad D:
Anyway regarding Close Combat, more Pokémon should be animated like that. Just punches and kicks and not glowing body parts. It makes the attack seem more physical and it looks cooler.
I don't really notice the attacks too much, but I remember some complaints about attacks like Ice Fang being beams instead of physical moves :/
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