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Originally Posted by Redstar View Post
Well, for one, it's already been done. Several Pokedex products have been released since the franchise took off, some better than others in design and information.

Secondly, no profits could be made. It'd be illegal and you'd get sued for trying to sell it, and they wouldn't want to "share the profits" anyways because they could do it entirely themselves for a fraction of the cost.

But if you really want a real Pokedex, here's what you can do: get yourself an Internet-capable cellular phone and go to and there you go! A real, live Pokedex!
1: I'll bet $5 that they were one of those stupid handheld things with a 10x10 volume of sprites and a voice that raped your ears.

2: The link doesen't work.

3: Why not make something similar that would work on real animals? Point it at a Poodle,and a little voice says "Poodle: A domesiticated dog that is often associated with with the classic rich lifestyle. They're wiry fur is hard to tame, and as such many owners hire proffesional groomers."
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