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Originally Posted by Vernikova View Post
Nostalgia has clouded your vision if you believe that his threads are better than mine.
More like I was blinded by your ugly titles.

Ice Fang was animated as bad as the names you and Advancedk9 decided to choose for this board. It really should've been shown to be like Fire Fang as an actual bite and not lasers.
I was thinking of changing my name to ".Vernikova". What do you think? The random full stop at the start is all the rage these days, yes?

Originally Posted by Greene1516 View Post
James acts all good and gets beat in the first round
It is pretty sad that James didn't get to win because according to the Hoenn version of this episode he was supposed to be quite good at it :/ But the point of the episode was for Staravia to finally evolve, I suppose. At least he got to win that competition in Battle Frontier and Jessie has been allowed to win some contests this time around

Originally Posted by Vernikova View Post
Acts? It's been shown plenty of times that James is a kind person. The episode before this one is an example.
I think he means by not cheating, Team Rocket have been seen to have some sort of chance of winning stuff before but ruin it by cheating, like in that Pokemon dress up episode near the start of DP where Brock won the egg.
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