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    Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
    More like I was blinded by your ugly titles.
    Which only occured because your ugly copycat threads blinded me.

    I was thinking of changing my name to ".Vernikova". What do you think? The random full stop at the start is all the rage these days, yes?
    Quite good is that name I declare. Something along the lines "Vernikova rules!" would be better though. I'll re-name myself "Jorah rules as much as Vernikova" if you do it.

    I think he means by not cheating, Team Rocket have been seen to have some sort of chance of winning stuff before but ruin it by cheating, like in that Pokemon dress up episode near the start of DP where Brock won the egg.
    He's usually a fair person in solo competitions so my point still stands.
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