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Well, I have a review of parts 1 and 2...XD

- Pochama - REJECTED.
- Hahaha, double attack for Brock
- Why did Satoshi yell and then look embarassed? XDDid he just say he was hungry...? He said "piko" or something and it sounds like a really cute word
- I don't know why, but it was so funny when Takeshi was going to hug that girl and she wasn't there
- LOL that "XD!!" annotation was true...he seems to like this girl a *lot*. More than the others, I mean
- So that's a double death again, then
- Ouch, volume is loud when Route 1 comes on XD
- Musashi gets a Feebas and she lets it go D:
- The flowers look pretty
- OMG CHIBI SATOSHI. How often do we get to see Ash's past before he became a trainer? Cuuuute!
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