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    Welcome to PokeDS, the next generation of game development.

    What is PokeDS?
    PokeDS is a game engine built using DS Game Maker (and subsequently, PaLib) which serves as an interface for making Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS system.
    DS Game Maker has a user-friendly front end for easy development and a powerful C backbone for the more advanced developers.

    Similarities with RMXP
    Many projects here are built with RMXP and I know many of the developers would be worried as what difficulties one would face if they want to port their game to PokeDS. Anything possible in RMXP is possible in DS Game Maker. Much like how RMXP is built entirely on RGSS (essentially just Ruby), DS Game Maker is built entirely on C. Anything programmed in Ruby on RMXP can also be done in C on DS Game Maker. The limit is your imagination and knowledge of C.
    DS Game Maker offers:
    • Events - known as Objects
    • Scenes - known as Rooms
    • Maps - known as Backgrounds
    • Scripts - seperated into Scripts and Actions
    • Spritesheets

    Differences between RMXP and DS Game Maker
    Unfortunately, DS Game Maker does not offer a map building interface so importing tilesets are a no go. Maps (backgrounds) are seperated into three layers:
    • Visible Layer
    • Collision Layer
    • Priority Layer

    The visible layer is what you can see. Its the world around your hero.

    The collision layer contains the data of where the hero can stand and where the hero cannot stand. This layer also has the added bonus of colour coding specific areas. e.g water can be colour coded so that the game knows that when the hero touches a blue portion of the collision map, he is infact touching water. These are very much the same as terrain tags in RMXP.

    The priority layer is what it is on the tin. This is any portions of your map that the hero will appear behind e.g backs of buildings.

    And for those who may be worrying about loading big images into the RAM for maps - not to worry. DS Game Maker analyses your map and breaks it up into its constituent tiles. In essence it creates its own tileset and does not store the same tile twice.

    Now you guys have two options for mapping:
    • RMXP
    If you desire, you can very well do all your mapping on RMXP and simply export the map as a .png file using one of the many programs available online. This is for those people who are used to using RMXP.
    • Tiled
    This is my preferred option. Tiled is an open source map editor with all the features of RMXP, the main advantage being that it has instant export of your map to .png
    When can we expect a release
    I can't promise you release dates, I have other commitments too. For now maybe you guys would like to have a look at this teaser:

    PokeDS preview (a lot of the work from this comes from JanMulder, I take nearly no credit for this release)

    This is an .nds file, go ahead and load it in an emulator such as No$GBA or even put it on your flashcart on your actual DS. Currently its limited to walking, running (hold b), opening the door of the nearest house (you'll get transported to the same map with no events on it).

    Can I help you?
    If you want to help me financially any donations are greatly appreciated. I don't currently own a DS anymore so maybe you guys can help me with that (PM me)

    Of course, donations are not expected and you will not have to pay to use PokeDS. DS Game Maker, however, does cost money and is priced at $15 to unlock the full features.

    In terms of help for the development, I am alright for now. But if you are an experienced C programmer, let yourself be known. I may need someone smart to talk to; I'm not fantastic at C.

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