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Originally Posted by Alexandre View Post
Thanks for the support ;D I did take into consideration the upgrading of DS Game Maker, right now it is on version 3.0, yet it is still buggy, and lacking many features. However the beauty of the project file (.xds) is that it can be opened in notepad and the scripts and sprites can be copied to the newer .xds. If DSGM eventually does get a map editor, I probably will rewrite the whole movement/collision system to suit it
That would be so nice! It seems that DS game maker is not designed for RPG game developers, and I understand how hard it is to make a Pokemon game out of an engine without a map editor. The idea of PokeDS is rather flexible since it sort of depends on the development of DS game maker.

Also do you have a userbar for this PokeDS project? I will add it to my sig if you have one.
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