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What do I put here?
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Originally Posted by Vernikova View Post
First of all, those first two brackets are for the date and that makes it easier to some. By some I mean me. Secondly, that spoilers part of the title is there so future events could be brought up. So, nya.
So you decided to uglify up the forum to help yourself -_-

Then we'll change it in November. I'll put a reminder on my phone that'll end up being deleted anyway for that date.
If I feel like it then XD I kind of like having a clean username history part, I've never changed my name ~ We'll look really cool with those unn00bish looking names...just as long as people don't start calling you Jorah and me Vernikova for short XD And I'm changing my name straight back after 4 months XD

Originally Posted by .Fukari View Post
I really want to listen to Staraptor's voice. :D Everyone seems so excited about it. :D :D
It was really bad D:

I'm sure you're referring to my username. D:
Seriously, I'm thinking if I should go back to "Azumi" or just get a new name.
Haha, I was thinking of your name when I wrote it, but I've noticed that a lot of people around the forum have random full stops at the start of their name, too. I liked "Azumi" the best, that's the name I always think of you as ^^
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