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Despite the fact that the route to Snowpoint is now devoid of snow, this was a pretty good episode. Staravia EVOVLES, and we see more of Paul. 8/10!!

Originally Posted by Jorah
??? Are you joking? Are you even joking? I don't believe you! But I remember, ages ago I'm sure you used to have your profile set as male, and from the way you type, I presumed it to be true. Are you being sarcastic? I can't tell. Are you seriously a girl? Really? But I've thought of you as male all this time...are you seriously, seriously a girl? Wow...sorry. I'm so surprised. So, Vernikova is a girl...this is going to take a while to get my head around...This is seriously the most surprising news I've heard in a long time XDD And I am not even joking when I say that. Wow. For some reason, this just makes you seem even more awesome than you were before. o.O
You're not the only one surprised Jorah...
Then again, people do that type of thing on the net all the time.
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