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Sure. This is needed, anyway.

Team name: Red Ring Studios
Team Leader: DonRoyale (aka RedRingStudios, on YouTube, anyway)
Current Members: DonRoyale, a few other non-PC members (roughly 6, though only 2-3 do actual work, and even then, it's mostly spriting and organization)
Current Game title: Pokemon Eclipse Version
Current progress made: I have 5 routes and 3 cities done, working right now on the fourth city.
Position(s) needed: Spriter (fakemon, trainers, perhaps new tilesets), mapper (to critique my spacial sense, since I do all of the mapping currently), event scripter, battle scripter (please...This one's a big one. If you know how to do double battles with a partner, please V/PM me.), other (If you can contribute anything, just add me to MSN and tell me what you can contribute. Thank you! )
Timezone: EST
Preferred Method of contact: MSN: [email protected]
Additional info: The game's called Pokemon Eclipse Version, it's a project I've been working on for a while now, off and on, but because of the walls I keep hitting with battle scripting, event problems, and lack of resources/team members, I haven't been entirely dedicated to it, and a team who knows what they're doing will definitely inspire me to keep working hard at it.

Here's a video to introduce you to the beginning quest of the game:

Thank you!
~The Don
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