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    Originally Posted by Q-Bone View Post
    Need help urgently!

    I've tried putting a Munchlax Platinum Sprite into a Fire Red ROM. It worked, but it used the Palette of the Pokemon I replaced. When I put the Palette back to normal, and click 'Write to ROM', it says: "Compressed size is: 2CC. Which is too big. Aborting."

    How do I solve this?
    Step one - download HackMew's Free Space Finder
    Step two - open up the Calculator application from your start menu
    Step three - Click the little circle in the top left that says 'hex' next to it.
    Step four - enter 2CC in your calculator
    Step five - click the little circle up top with 'dec' next to it
    Step six - open up Free Space Finder and search an amount of bytes equal to the number your calculator just gave you
    Step seven - In unLZ try to write your picture to the ROM and when the box pops up with the offsets enter the offset FSF gave you into the box labeled 'image offset'
    Step eight - make sure you have the boxes 'export image' and 'automatically fix pointers' checked, then write it to the ROM
    Step nine - open it up in your VBA and test it
    Step ten - enjoy your newly inserted pokepic
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