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    @Blazers & Lance: Thanks for the comments. I promise to take both your opinions to heart on this matter, as I do also for every member of this glorious community here which we all hold dear. Your voices have been heard, and shall never be silenced. (Bit OTT but I just wanted to try and sound like a politician )

    Originally Posted by Neo-Dragon View Post
    Thanks for the nice comment about Protectors.
    I want to point out that it was not my reaction "oh this guy is coping me" (since my games has no levels either ha) but in fact I was like "is this an Rm2k3 thing"- since I am aware of the limits it has and sometimes corners must be cut but can be cut with a style.

    I knew you weren't pointing a finger or anything, but I still wanted to state that I wasn't purposely copying anything, cause you never know, there might be a few more similar features/styles/etc down the road. After all, it appears we have good taste, and great minds think alike too.

    As for the stat thing, I have the same issue. It's confusing to do something like it, but I feel you need to add something to show progression.
    Stats, and levels, are a huge part of the Gamefreak games and if they were gone, Pokémon wouldn't be what it was. The ability to brag about how strong your team is and what not.
    You have to add something to show to the player that their Pokémon is growing but still have the concept that you want to push at the same time.
    I decided to only go with 4 stats- attack, speed, defense and health- and I think this game should go nearly in the same direction.

    You raise a point that I hadn't really thought about until now, which is the Special Atk/Def stats. With the direction I'm heading in (anime-ish), would it make sense to include two different stats for atk/def? I've already done some coding in the battle system regarding them, but it could be easily removed. Something for me to think about at least.

    Heres my idea.

    Do something like- have a graph that has bars for each stat- or overall power. Then let's say after 5 battles, you work out how the player preformed with that pokemon and randomly increase each stat they done well on- so like, maybe if they took a lot of attacks- increase the health and defense stats. Or track how many times the opponent missed an attack on the player, then increase the speed stat for the player pokemon.

    I think it would work out as a neat way for training, add something new to the overall gameplay, and could be expanded on depending what variables you chose to track.

    What do you think?

    I think I like the idea. I've already designed some graphics for the stats which feature Bars, instead of numbers (and graphics which feature numbers instead). And I had already thought of keeping track of certain things such as 'How many times the Player evades an attack', but I was only going to use them to unlock achievements (like Xbox games). I never thought of using those variables in relation to training though. Great idea. :D

    Meanwhile, while I'm still deliberating on such things, I took a break from the battle system to work on something more revolutionary than the Pokegear. More astounding than the Poketch. *Drumroll*

    The Laptop

    Your Laptop includes...
    • Email
    • Map
    • Jukebox and
    • An On/Off Switch ()

    Those are the standard things, the others require more detail...

    The Asphar Region Website
    - Gives up to the minute news on all the minor and major events, all the latest gossip on the best and fastest growing Trainers, and even includes interviews with lots of famous people.

    Live Updates - Allows you to check on those poor ill/injured Pokemon you've left in Pokecentres around the region, and also allows you to check the progress of Pokemon you may have left in Training Houses to complete certain tasks.

    PokeSwitch - Allows you to switch a Pokemon between Party and PC on the move. Can only be used once however, and then will need recharging (instantaneous) at a PC.

    I'll be posting some screenshots of this either a bit later tonight or tomorrow morning. (In my time zone anyways)

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