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Originally Posted by rstar095 View Post
Ive been searching high and low for a script that gives me a national dex. Ive seen two people ask it and it wasnt fully answered. Ive been able to add a regular pokedex but not a national. can someone just give me a script that gives yo a national dex... please
This is actually a very simple question and I don't know why no one has answered it. I'm going to phrase it so it will be easy to find using a search. To activate the national pokedex, or nationaldex, use special 0x16F.

Originally Posted by siper x
i lost my patients
Well, you'd better go catch them. Unless you're a surgeon, then... Your malpractice insurance rates must be through the roof.
Seriously though, sometimes you have to wait a while. Either people don't know the answer, they are too busy to help, they don't want to help, or it has been answered before. Try using the search tool.

Originally Posted by Cello
About tile insertion for roms like fire red:
Is it possible to insert a bunch of tiles into a tile set with more than a 16 color palette (using advancedmap)?
If not, could I do each tile separately, or would this take up too much space or something?
You cannot use more than sixteen colors at a time, and the first color on the palette is the background and will not show up. But remember, you have twelve palettes to work with. If you use the second color on the palette in palette zero, green, it will be the second color on the palette no matter which palette you use. It would be brown in palette one, red in palette two, blue in palette three, etc. Of course you can always edit the palettes.
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