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    Originally Posted by MajorLeagueGamer View Post
    To make the game MORE unique than it already is, will you have certain characters (based on popularity) be able to travel with you, or have a girlfriend(XD what the hell am I saying). I think you could add somethings along those lines Oh and I think the hero should speak
    I can't say too much on this as I don't want to spoil the storyline.
    While you don't exactly get a girlfriend (it's not really a road I want to explore in this game), you will become close friends with someone who is a girl. In fact it's integral to one of the storylines.

    Originally Posted by oldenmw View Post
    sounds good. just wondering- what part of the game is the video going to be showing? or is that a surprise It's a surprise, mainly because I haven't decided yet.

    i like the idea of certain characters traveling with you/girlfriend, but will they have pokemon? then you could have a 2v2 where you only control 1 pokemon
    I'm not saying anything on this at the moment. Too spoiler-ish.

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