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    Originally Posted by oldenmw View Post
    sounds like a girlfriend to me.. lol (unless its your mom..)
    lol... no its not your mom. And I just meant not-girlfriend as in no making-out, no dates, etc, just close friends.

    Originally Posted by MajorLeagueGamer View Post
    I have a question though it might be dubbed spoiler-ish. So I'll ask it anyway, how will your pokemon evolve if there is no lvl system? Is it when the learn a certain attack?
    Evolution will happen in many different ways, and I'd like for it to be mostly up to the player to work out, but some of the contributing factors could be:
    • Age of the Pokemon
    • The Pokemon's Stats
    • The Pokemon's Personality
    • How they are treated
    • How they are trained

    I'll probably include a guide with the release for anyone who wants to find out the easy way.

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