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    Ok so the new episode has just aired in Japan. I did try a thread with episode 137 but not much response to it and I missed last weeks episodes..

    I shall try do a run through allthough mind you I dont understand Japanese.

    -Ash & Co still at Dawn's House in Twinleaf Town.
    -2 ppl apearing to wait for proffesor Oak.
    -Ash and Crew gone to the building and as thers no sign of Oak, Ash, Dawn and Brock goes to find him while Dawn's Mother stays behind.
    -Team Rocket are near the Building and James dress up as Oak.
    -2 people find him and carry him away to this building.
    -James who is dressed up as Oak has no idea what's going on but it appears Oak was meant to make a speech to full of people in the building.
    -The real Oak is having car troubles while his assistance is fixing the wheel of the car Oak wonders off and sees pokemon.
    -Oak has the background image of the when he used to do the Poem at the end of japanese episode..I wonder if they will keep it in the dub?
    -When Ash and Crew meet with the guy who is fixing the car they know there close to find Oak.
    -Piplup knows where Oak is coming from and tries to find him while he got stuck in Quicksand/ Buenary does Ice beam and helps him.
    -Croagunk then follows the scent (i guess) to find Oak.

    end Part 1

    4 pokemon commercials
    ds game commercial

    part 2

    - James is still confused as why is he making a speech but jessie and meowth helps him to recover the stage fear and tells him somin about pokeballs so all the people gives there pokemon to him.
    - Ash and crew finally find the real Oak in a cave and talking about pokemon and shows an evvelution from a stone.
    - When we see James again he is all happy with all the pokeballs in the box, but then not long the real Oak comes to the building.
    - Oak and James argue (Most prob saying Im the real Oak) then one of the people in the crowd asks a question I believe and brings out a Tyranitar.
    -Tyranitar hit James out of the building after the real Oak says something.
    -Oak talks to everyone untill the scene ends.
    -James dressed up as oak stuck up on a tree while Jessie and Meowth walks towards him talking and then the man approaches them (who i forgot to mention there were 3 ppl not 2 at the start) and then it ends.

    2 meiji commercial
    Pokemon TCG Commercial
    Wii Ware Pokemon Mystery Commercial

    End credits

    Pokemon Movie 12 some sort of commercial

    Bread commerical involving Pokemon with free stickers/present!

    Magazine commercial

    Coming next week Pokemon epsiode

    It appears that the Pokemon Piplup/Pikachu have grown BIG or Ash and Dawn have Shrunk, Jun appears

    Sponsers of Pokemon.

    McDonalds commercial...then Moving on to Naruto...
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