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    Originally Posted by Aki the Tanuki View Post
    Alot of people will store their supplies in ZIP files, so downloading 7-ZIP would be useful.

    Here is what you're looking for. Simply paste it onto Cascade's DP blanks, though you may have to edit out the flavor text bar. If you download 7-ZIP, though, you can download all of the SP blanks (which don't include the flavor text bar) here.

    could you make one of these for the dual types? i mean make a thing to put on top of Cascade's templates so that theyre dual typed. i like his temps but he hasnt made any dual types yet, and the dual types i found didnt have the same things as his temps have

    EDIT: nevermind. i editted some of Cascades blanks myself to make them Dual-Type and i like the result. i could upload em, but i wanna get his permission first [since i added my name to the editted version]. and if he does say yes, would people prefer i upload one multilayer Photoshop file, or are there ppl here without photoshop that want me to upload each card type seperately? [or i could always do both, no problem for me lol]