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    I'll enter, but I may not make the deadline....

    Username: glaceonatcef
    Song: Edit- I change my mind. I'm doing "Love is War" from Vocaloid, most likely.
    Public: I guess.... warning- it may not be very good...
    Other- I don't have a sound editor nor could I handle one...
    - It'll probably be a youtube video.... direct from my webcam unless I figure out the mic on my laptop...
    - If there is any kind of backround noise (aka my cat in heat or my dog barking at something outside) I'm sorry... I'll probably only get one chance to upload it... Dx
    - There we go... I'm in... meep...
    (My brother was watching TV, and it was Global Grover)
    Grover- "Guess what I got in Mexico?"
    Now take a guess... then see what my brother said, and what it really was.

    My brother- "Swine flu?"

    (He ACTUALLY got a puppet thing)

    Sorry to waste your time, I thought that was quite funny, myself.