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    I get a break from traveling for today to watch this episode. The idiots at Cartoon Network decided to crop this episode, allegedly. But with new opening scenes from High Touch that make the opening more bearable we can all blame some executive on Cartoon Network cropping. Let's just hope for DVD releases are in the correct format as well as Blu-ray. Someday. So much for that HD channel CN since you don't air anything in HD these days. Why does this forum suck so much? I digress.

    Anyway, Our Heroes stumble upon a lonely Snover who they quickly befriend. Team Rocket spot this Snover and want to capture it for the berries (Snowballs) that grow from it. Will Our Heroes be able to protect it?

    This episode's plot is pretty damn boring.

    Edit: For the obvious reason of profanity. I understand your frustration, but "idiot" is a less debasing G-rated/multi-purpose term. Besides, the CN execs aren't worth the grief.

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