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    Originally Posted by miggy93 View Post
    My story:

    You, Ash Ketchum, have just recently arrived in Hoenn. At Prof. Birch's laboratory, an older looking Jesse, James, and a Persian appear from a green portal. They claim to be from the future and they had come back to the past to steal the most powerful pikachu of all time, your Pikachu. They steal it and jump back into the portal. You follow them, after Prof. Birch gives you one of the starters.

    You arrive at the Littleroot City Pokemon Center 20 years in the future. You have found out that a lot has changed. Team Rocket has taken over the region, and it's new leaders; Jesse, James, and Persian, rule it as dictators. Sootopolis City has been changed into the Dictatorial Office, where the dictators reside and rule the region. It's gym has been relocated to Lilycove.

    You meet an older Prof. Birch who tells you to head to Sootopolis and recapture Pikachu. But you must make yourself stronger by taking on the Elite Four Challenge first. You decide to take the challenge, and heads to Petalburg City where Max (Norman, the former gym leader's son) is the new gym leader. He battles you and you won. He tells you that the gym leaders have formed an opposition group against Team Rocket and asks you to join them. You agree and the two of you set off to the other gyms. You arrive at the Rustboro Gym to find it empty. All gyms are empty. When you arrive at Meteor Falls, you find all the other gym leaders fighting Team Rocket grunts. You and Max help. The grunts retreat and the gym leaders welcome you into the group. You battle them one by one to gain experience and make your pokemon stronger.

    Once strong enough, you and the gym leaders find out that Team Rocket hs stolen the two legendary orbs and plan to take over Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh as well. You arrive at the Underwater Cavern too late, Kyogre and Groudon have been awoken. They fight the battle inside the Cave of Origin. The gang try to find Rayquaza to stop the fight only to find out that it has been captured by Team Rocket. The team, along with the Elite Four and the new Champion, May, head towards Sootopolis but it is surrounded by a very strong wall. All of you send out your pokemon, then <name>, the legendary pokemon of unity appears. He destroys the wall and you go inside. Inside, you find Mewtwo who senses your power and tries to battle you. <name> battles Mewtwo instead telling you to free Rayquaza. You do and when you return you see that Mewtwo has defeated <name>. Rayquaza battles Mewtwo and wins. It brings Kyogre and Groudon back to sleep.

    Team Rocket is overthrown and sent to jail while you are reunited with Pikachu. The gym leaders, knowing of your dream to become the greatest pokemon master, gives you the badges that you earned when you defeated them at Meteror Falls. You battle the Elite Four and win. You battle and win against May as well. After being the Champion, Steven (the Champion at hte present time) appears. He has travelled to the future using Celebi. He knows everyhing that has happened. He challenges Ash saying: you have defeated the future champion but can you defeat the present one? You win and using Celebi, Steven teleports you back to the present.
    If you had looked just a few posts up the thread, you would have seen someone else making this same mistake, complete with people getting mad. Please, at least read the rest of the thread next time.