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    Innocence shall be singing Time of your Life (Good Riddance) as sung by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. He will be using a crappy backing track recorded by himself on the guitar.

    Please make it public, and remember this is a singing contest, not a contest to see who can make the best backing track.

    On a side note, he has already pre-recorded it, so it should be e-mailed in a few minutes.

    Absolutely nobody is left from the pc a few years ago when people actually knew who I am. Lol.

    EDIT: As far as I know, time still isn't up yet. 11:59 GMT -5 right? It isn't even 11:59 GMT +10, so you shouldn't have stopped accepting entries, it wouldn't be fair.

    EDIT2: I double checked. There isn't actually an entry closing date on there, so the entry sending date should still stand. ORLY? SRSLY. Sorry if I sound blunt.

    I cringe at things I've said here in the past years.