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    Originally Posted by jarcon View Post
    Hello everyone, I'm working on a fire red hack but I've encountered a problem. I put in 2nd and 3rd generation pokemon, but they won't evolve. They go into the sequence of evolution, but it stops and says "..?".
    Why does it do this, and what could I do to fix it?
    This is because you haven't enabled the national dex. To do so, just stick this into one of your early scripts (preferably into the same one that gives you the pokedex).

    special 0x16F

    That will enable the national dex, and let your pokemon evolve.

    On another note, I just installed Dialga into my hack, and to test him I made up a script where this guy would give him to me. Problem is, he gives me an Illumise instead of Dialga...
    So, the details.
    -I stuck Dialga into the slot right after celebii.
    -The relevant section of script reads: givepokemon 0x187 0x5 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0
    -I have not yet messed with the icon or cry.
    -I have already installed the front and back sprites for Dialga.
    -I also cannot edit Dialga's pokedex entry in any way; I don't know why.

    What gives?
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