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- Epic opening video change :D Bye, bye AMV opening (well, this one isn't *as* bad, plus they cut the Pokemon voices at the end) but it's like they messed up the ending by chopping the Ash, Dawn and Brock part into 2
- Just realised the Galactic Battles logo goes over the bubble scene from High Touch
- Yuck, obviously cropped title screen with ugly dub title font and colours
- Ash walks so quickly...due to the cropping? And then the video being made widescreen again
- Yuck, horrible voice for Snover, seriously, wtf. Reminds me oddly of its game cry, though
- I love the long version of the Sinnoh motto theme. Why won't they release it on CD D:
- Ash's face when he's eating XD
- Epic TPCI music when Grotle's using Rock Climb
- Hahaha, Brock's dance

Music kept: (8)

At the start
Ash training Chimchar and Grotle (from the 1st movie ~)
Ash, Brock and Dawn fall asleep
Team Rocket's Hoenn Secret Strategy Theme
Sinnoh Team Rocket Motto Theme
RBY Wild Pokemon Battle
Sinnoh Team Rocket Motto Theme Remix
Satoshi's Battle Decision (I love that theme)

Originally Posted by Vernikova View Post
I thought that they did. Especially since they sped through the sequences, which is something that I liked.
Looked pretty weird in some places, like Paul and Ash getting their heads cut off, but most of all, the side of May's head getting cut off which was really noticeable :/ They could have just sped up the clip rather than cut it in awkward places


Originally Posted by Giratina of Never-Turn-Back View Post
The speeding looked good in some places, not-so-good in others. How many other people giggled, snickered, or otherwise found funny the line that played when Team Galactic was onscreen? I personally think they just needed a way to put in a group of characters that wasn't Ash and Company... too bad they ended up putting in four of the main villains in a very un-villainous slot. [giggles]
Yeah, that part was really funny XD "We're friends for life" XD They also put Team Galactic in an odd part in the old opening, "but deep inside, you know you're strong" XD

Originally Posted by Blue_Drifblim View Post
......Really? ......I was? ......Darn.

Well.... you posted last week's discussion thread that I thought Jorah was supposed to do, so I figured "Ahhh..... ok. I guess Jorah will do/does next week's, and I'll do the next one after that."

I guess one of these pictures is appropriate for me:

I have no idea who was supposed to do this thread, I can't remember
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