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    I'll just comment on the preview...

    - JUN RETURNS! By the way, I'm still thinking of Jun's reaction when he sees his dad...
    - At first I thought it was another Giant Pokemon episode, but it turned out to be a Mini Trainer episode! XD
    - Mini Satoshi/Jun and Giant Pikachu? DO WANT.
    - Mini Hikari and Giant Pochama/Heracross? DO NOT WANT.

    Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
    - Satoshi being attacked by the Spearow's reminds me of the first episode...except they're big enough for their revenge o.O
    - Well, in Bulbapedia it says "Soon Ash, Dawn, and Barry find themselves in trouble facing predicaments that they each faced in the beginning of their journeys. With Dawn and Piplup up against yet another swarm of wild Ariados and Ash and Pikachu upagainst a flock of wild Spearow, what will be the outcome of all of this?"

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