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    Okay since this has gotten pretty popular I think I will post the topics covered so far for new members to reply to (one at a time or all at once is cool, as long as you don't double post :3)

    Delta if you want me to delete them just say the word but I thought it might help our new members~

    ~♥Why do you like cat pokemon?

    ~♥Should eevee and it's line be dog, cat or if one should be cat state it?

    ~♥Should Sneasle be a cat pokemon and should Weavile be a cat pokemon?

    ~♥What kitty pokemon is the cutest?

    ~♥Ugliest Cat Pokemon?

    ~♥Partner's favorite food?

    --Original Post--
    i just have to say this as i dont want you to get any infractiobs, k? don't double post ITS AGAINST THE LAW OMG /GASP The edit button is your friend ;3

    This sounds awesome!
    Can i join?
    is there a member form to fill in and what not?

    Why do you like cat pokemon?
    I love cat Pokemon and kitties in general~

    --images removed so scrolling is easier--
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