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Team Name

Oblivion Workshop

Team Leader

Freak A,lol its me.

Current Members

Freak A Mapper,TileArtist,leader
carmaniac TileArtist
dragoon947 trainer Spriter
robie392 Graphic Spriter,Eventer,
jadored OW Spriter

Current Game Tittle

Pokemon Rise of Oblivion

Current Proggress

tiles done 50%
maps done 27%
Scripts 0%
Fakemon 0%

Positions needed

Fakemon Spriter : needs to be good at his skill and can submit any of his best work to me be PM to show me how he is
RGSS Advanced Scriptor: needs to know how to make all style of scripts encluding battle systems,menu and adding new windows

Method of Contact

either by PM or by VM later i might ask you for your account address to chat firmly
If you aint doin anythin you could view my blog:

and I LIKE PEANUTS !!!!!