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Toolbox Forum Rules

Posting regulations

·Stick to all ROM Hacking and PokéCommunity forum rules. Failure to adhere will result in infractions and warnings.
·Don’t post a tool you haven’t made, unless you have permission from the tool's creator or you will get a straight four point infraction.
·Don’t post viruses; make sure your tools are actually tools. If you post a virus you will be banned, permanently.
·The revival rule is enforced in the Toolbox; topics can be bumped at any time by the owner. If, they get bumped by a random person and the thread’s last post was over two months ago, the thread will be closed.
·Do not, I repeat do not link to any commercial or illegal applications or products. This includes ROM’s and some .dll files.
·Do not, make a thread or request someone to make a tool for you, this is for showcasing the tools you made.

Further Guidelines

Useful links and advice

·Before posting a question, please use the search function. Chances are someone has had the same problem answered before
·Threads are on approval, so please wait twenty four hours before enquiring about your threads

If you have any problems contact the ROM Hacking moderators.


Thank you for reading the rules.