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    Alright, i came up with this idea like the other day, i don know if anyone else has tried it or what but how about the character you are is like an ex team rocket member who quit due to him/her realizing they actually dont like team rocket and have a new found love for pokemon. Before leaving team rocket your character ruined a plan for overtaking olivine and vermillion city (So its gonna be set in Jhoto & Kanto) and turning them into ports for smuggling stolen pokemon across the world. Professor Elm had also been kidnapped by team rocket and made to work for them, due to a new rocket boss (I haven't thought of a name yet) wanting to have an expert on pokemon on their side unwillingly! So you also save Elm from team rocket once the you have foiled their plans and you tell him that you've left team rocket and want to start a new pokemon journey by releasing all of your stolen pokemon into the wild and catching a new first pokemon, so Elm helps you to catch one!! So you take the gym challenge and face a new elite four but also encounter team rocket along the way wanting revenge for what you've done. also new kanto gym leaders and after 16 badges are acquired you face off in like an elimination kinda pokemon league like in the anime maybe??

    I dunno it sounds kinda hard to make and i aint got any hacking experience lol so its kinda just an idea, i just wanted to hear some feedback if you would?? thank you... there's probably a few gaps in the story as well lol