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    Recruiting a Team Member

    Team name:
    Calis Projects
    Team Leader:Neo-Draogn (Myself)
    Current Members: 00Vampire, Atomic Reactor, Martyr (3 public developers, still 2 members unannounced)
    Current Game title:Pokemon Protectors and Pokemon Asphar
    Current progress made:Check both threads, a lot of progress- around 30% each.
    Position(s) needed:2 Spriters- anything from animation work, tiles, overworlds, menus and interfaces- fakemon/custom pokemon.
    Timezone:GMT- Dublin/London.
    Preferred Method of contact:My forums - link in my sig. Or please send me a PM here.
    Additional info: A perk would be you would become a staff member at Calis Projects and get access to the staff section there.
    If your interested, please send me an example of your work here through private message or send me a PM on Calis Projects.

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